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I did of course thank him profusely for his largess.But now I was on the hook to be nice to the woman who held me in obvious contempt, her denials as ...o that notwithstanding. But I’d promised to do my best, and I would. I figured, Lea, would screw me over again some way or other, and when, or if, she did; well, that would be the end of things and Anna would have to be lightening up on me not the other way around.It was Sunday and Anna and I were with the new mommy adoring my sort of. Joseph closed his eyes and imagined what it might be like to wake her with kisses and make sweet love with her. Even with the fact he had already been a widower a few years he felt a bit guilty for the desires stirring inside him but that didn't stop him from imagining how amazing it might feel to be inside her. He couldn't resist smelling her hair. By inching closer to her he could feel the firmness of her bottom against his hard cock and she just felt incredible and warm.Despite the sun. I decided that I was going to go out to the barn and play with the horses. I went out there and opened up the barn door and headed in. I got in there and I started talking to and petting the horses. I walked over to Jenny and opened her stable door. I walked into her stable and started to pet her body. Her fur felt so smooth. My mind kept going over and over my swimming class. All the girls with only a thin layer of cloth separating me from their naked bodies. Then my mind got back onto Jenny.. She’s still uncomfortable from the fucking that Dr. Jones did to her ass, and just wants some time away from Mike too. I guess the pregnancy is making me bitchy, she thinks to herself, and regrets she’s taking it out on Mike. Uneventful Sunday leads to early rising on Monday for JC. It’ll be the first full work week in the office for JC with the travel and time off, and she knows she has a ton of work waiting on her in her office. Most of all, she wants to see Reuben and talk to him about the.

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