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"Mom and Dad said we could hike there on our own when we turned twelve. We know the way like the backs of our hands and it's not THAT far."I frowned, ...larm rising into my eyes. "But, what if someone has an accident? What if the weather turns bad? What if-" Ben, we got it," Eden interrupted. "We're big girls now. We can handle it." Well, maybe you can handle it. But, you know, maybe Adrienne and Dawn would like to go. Like I said, we haven't been all summer and Adrienne's never been to the. I couldn't complain about what they had done really. I had agreed to it after all. Heather told me to shower everything off, since they had gotten their test of the body paint done. I had different ideas though. I grabbed a hold of Heather, who was nude, presumably in case they splattered quite a bit of it. With each of her arms in my hands, I drew her close and kissed her. I figured there was a test that they need to run. How easily it rubbed off. I pulled back before 30 seconds had passed.. Maybe I could see about setting up some automated turrets for you guys as well, just to add some more teeth to the defense.”Juan could see that the idea appealed to Lucy. Damn did she look tasty. The smudge of dirt on her left cheek, just added to the cuteness factor. Juan could feel his cock start to swell. He quickly looked around to try and distract himself. It didn’t help when he took a better look at Tammy and realized that she was stacked.The bulky jacket did hide some of her features,. I slid my body up underneath her legs until the back of her knees were hooked on my shoulders and gently pulled her towards me until her shiny, trembling pussy was just inches from my face. I rubbed my other hand on my own thigh for a few moments to warm it before moving it onto her pussy lips. I rubbed both sides of her slit with my fingers, ensuring that every digit stayed in contact with her flesh as they pushed and pulled. I rotated my hands so that my thumbs were at the base of her.

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