I reached one hand back around his neck and he lifted me up so the tip of his cock was against my ass. I can't believe I did this, but I was so horny ... reached down between my legs, my wrist brushing against his hand, wrapped my fingers around his cock, and pulled it forward so that his head was between my lips. I felt his whole body tense. I pushed down a little so his head slid into me, and I heard him groan. His cock was rigid as bone, and I stayed like that for a moment, my hand on his. “I’m thankful for people who understand me and help me to grow,” Wendy said quietly.“I’m thankful for my father,” Bree said.“I’m thankful for Grandmas and Grandpa,” Damon said.And so it went around the table. It wasn’t religious or anything, but it was Thanksgiving and we’d decided to all just say one sentence about what we were thankful for on this day. Then we fell to the food and there was a lot of conversation. You couldn’t hold a single conversation at a table with thirteen people, but I. I pulled out to Mandy's protest, stepping around her and stood over Sam, who spread her legs wide for me as I unleashed torrents of sticky hot sperm all over her, scoring shots on her already soaked pussy, her belly, and a nice healthy shot across her tits!Mandy looked at me with lust-filled eyes as I removed Sam's panties and pulled her head up, kissing her hard, tasting Sam's cum on her lips and tongue.Breaking the kiss, I pushed her face down toward my softening cock. "Clean your cum off my. I had an instant erection. “Not much point in spending all that money and being waxed down there for the first time in my life if I can’t show it off”, then leaning forwards so her tits were dangling in front of my face, she deftly grabbed my hard cock through my shorts and whispered, “Now adjust yourself so that’s not so obvious and lets go.”The pool was stunning, tiny lights twinkling like stars in the night sky, a waterfall at one end, and little semi-private areas dotted along the sides..

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