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Jason was already half naked, but Brianna fully was! Hoe..When Brianna came out of the bathroom she noticed hancuffs on a chair.Brianna: Oh, your the ...inky type?Jason didn't reply, but he pushed her in the chair and hancuffed her hands and feet.Brianna: Aggressive much?Jason: You ain't seen nothing yet.And that's when I slowly came out of the closet. I had the rope in my hand and I dramaticly pulled my tape leaving the "sex box" to the side.Brianna: CHELSEA?!"That's right bitch" Jason and I. He began pulling his cock out and then shoving it back into me, in and out. I felt as though he was going to push his cock all the way through me. I could feel this long, slippery, thick cock going in and out of me, I could feel it inside me as though he were trying to fill me with it. He kept pumping me harder and harder and I tried to scream but could not. I don’t know how long this ordeal lasted but it seemed hours, although it could not have been that long. I heard him moan and he. “Punishment time,” the effervescent Zoe declared, and they dragged me back into the living room with me in stunned silence.Linda appeared from somewhere holding some shackles. “OK,” she snorted at the other two, “Pete and I enjoy a bit of this sometimes, don’t judge.”Before I knew it, they had stripped me of my clothes, revealing what can only be described as a visible sign of the thoughts in my head. Shackling me, wrists and ankles, to various immovable pieces of furniture, they had me on my. ‘Most days I go to meet with my publisher and others’, I go to physical therapy.’ Lenny said giving her boots another fast look and felt his penis stirring in his jeans. ‘Publisher?’ ‘Yeah, I’m a writer.’ ‘Oh really? What kinds of things do you write?’ ‘Mostly adult stories, but sometimes I write about my life and all the crap I’ve been through,’ he said with a little hurt in his voice. ‘What name do you use? I read a lot, maybe I’ve read some of them,’ she said listening to a few of the.

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