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Vo thodi tension me aayi ki maine uske choot me hi chod diya phir boli ki i-pill lelegi. Dono ek doosare ke baho me rest karane lage. Kareeb 30 min ke...baad aankh khuli aur dono hi nange the. Phir se usne mera land pe hath rakha to mera lund phir se khada hone laga. Mai uske boobs choosane laga aur uske choot me ungli daalke uska chootka ras nikala aur uski gaand me dheerse ungli daalane laga. Vo uchhal gayi aur boli ki “kya irada hai aaj” maine kaha ki “aaj tere saare holes fill karunga” usne. Although he still partook of the other young women in his blackmail stable, it was Rhonda who was his favorite. She was giving herself to him almost nightly, sometimes the two alone and sometimes, when Eric was in one of his sadistic moods, he would invite a couple of friends and Rhonda would have to satisfy them all at the same time, an act she found especially degrading.Twice in the last week, she had had to cancel dates with Paul in order to service Eric and his clients/friends. She was. The hiss of female urine followed again while I timed her very carefully, this time using the bedroom clock.“Okay, my turn,” I said when she had finished, grinning encouragingly. “Are you timing your test?”“Yes of course.”As Izzy slid her bare bottom from the loo to the edge of the bath, I slipped off my own pyjama bottoms and sat down on the warm seat she had just vacated. I opened the last remaining test then rather more clumsily repeated Izzy’s actions, pleased to feel the relief in my. She felt safe again. The fear and panic were gone, justmemories. She knew 'John' would never actually harm her. She trusted him,and that was what made her accept those feelings, even welcome them. Butnow, they were memories, and a gentle, safe haze was descending on hermind. After a while - she didn't know how long - she noticed 'John'getting out of bed. She fell back into half-sleep. No coherent dreamsthis time. Just the odd picture or illogical stream of thought, halfforgotten even midway.

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