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“Shite!” Anne cussed now.She realized just how high the body count was likely to be, and no small number of them would be Kluckers that we would h...ve to stitch up and save. We might very well be overwhelmed within minutes and triage would be on steroids. There would be no way to save them all and yet we couldn’t prioritize based upon which side they chose. That would be medically unethical. This meant that plenty of Militiamen would die just because of how many there were of them.God damn it,. You are going to be my bitch, get into the bedroom.”As soon as I entered the room, Anu asked me to kneel and bolted the door. She sat down on the bed and asked me to lick her feet.I slowly began by kissing her toes and licking them, then I slowly moved up to her ankles, my tongue sliding on her skin all the way..when I reached her thighs,I gently bit her thighs and sucked on them, ” Ahhhh yes this is what I need…tongue fuck me” Anu was moaning.I slowly spread her legs and bit the inside of her. My dick was aching and I let go of Emily's tits, I got up and straddled her face, pushing the head of my cock against her lips."Open up!" I smacked her hard across the breasts and she opened her mouth reluctantly. I slammed my prick into her throat, making her gag as I filled her. My lust was without constraint and I started fucking Emily's face brutally."Oh God!" It felt so good, Emily's soft lips and tongue, were heaven to my prick. I could hear her choking as she desperately fought to take. “That’s a poor excuse for letting your lust run rampant,” his mother said.“I give up,” Sean said. He eyed the stack of papers and asked, “What are you doing?”“I’ve been researching Leprechaun traps,” his mother said.“You believe Liam is a Leprechaun?” Sean asked.His mother answered, “Of course, I’m part Irish.”“There’s no Irish in our family,” Sean said surprised by the claim.“I know, I just feel Irish this morning and that makes me part Irish,” his mother said dismissing his objection.Knowing.

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