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Hmmmh.”Lucy was beyond stopping herself. Her body grew hotter and hotter, her most erogenous area turning ever needier as the thoughts grew more int...nse. “Ahh... yes... right there, Becky!” She imagined the beautiful twin folding her long wavy hair to one side as she dug into her own tight little butt-hole with a lecherous tongue, knelt between her legs. “F-fffuck...” Lucy blurted, absently relaxing her anus, teasing it with the other hand, all the while caressing her twitchy little clit with. It looks like a cornucopia, a beautiful cornucopia filled with fruits and foods that I love." Then eat it," Sybil said hoarsely. "Don't bite it, just chew it. Gnaw on it and suck it until it spits out the juice you love."Bob shifted and pulled Gwen between his forked legs. She clutched the rod and drove her mouth over it, gnawing on it with her teeth and sucking it deeply into her throat. She gagged, but continued to suck as Bob lunged up, driving the shaft deeper and deeper into her. "In only three weeks, we'll be back there again."Kelly was so tired she didn't even have a last cigarette of the night.Todd closed the bedroom door and slipped in between his sleeping beauties.The light was streaming in through the bedroom window when Todd finally woke up. Both Kelly and Laura were still sound asleep. Softly he slipped from beneath their embrace and padded to the kitchen where the most pleasant smell of French Toast made him salivate.Cara was standing at the stove flipping. I know 'we' have an image to uphold, but I just don't feel formal today."I nodded to her that it wasn't a problem, and then got up to get the phone to make the reservations. It was one of Carol's nights on, so we'd be sure to get her service. All of the servers were excellent, but we had a "thing" with Carol. The "big guy" and other staffers knew that Carol and I had dated at one time and could see no ill feelings with either; in fact we we're still very close.Reservations made, we just putzed.

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