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Lets get going before the rest of the team wonders if we fell in.” ***** The image of a soccer dad flashed through Scott’s head, which was kind of...amusing considering that he did not have any kids. Although, if you looked at it from an educational point of view, he had 200 daughters that all depended on him for guidance and leadership. So he was the surrogate dad for a lot of girls. Wearing the suit was a mistake. As soon as he had set his chair and cooler of food down on the sideline, he had. After a long time, she stirred and looked up at me “You didn’t even bother wearing a condom you bastard!” she said. “Did you want me to stop and put it on?” I asked teasingly. She sighed “No, not really.” I rolled off her. “I think we still have some time before the others come back” I said. She looked quizzically at me “What did you have in mind?” I reached up and grabbed her hair, pulling her up and then pushing her face into my crotch. “I think your mouth needs some exercise” I said. She. Touching, really, like something right out of an after school special.Our bodies, ourselves in real life. And if that had been the onlyinstance it would've been an odd note to an odd childhood, but thephenomenon persisted. Suddenly, instead of Gwen feeling other people'semotions, they were experiencing hers.Now go back to the metaphor from before, about being on the receiving endof the fire hose of emotions. Well what if you were an adolescent girlwho was at the head of the spigot and couldn't. It fit tightly in my little pussy, I remembered the feeling. I smirked with the memory and went to work.After I got to work, the phone rang and it was him, he asked if he could have some of my time to talk about my mom. I told him sure, after I get off work at 6. We were going to meet at the park by the river. He told me quickly that he loves my mom and wants to be with her all the time. I told him I had to go for now and I will see him at 6.I met him at the park, he was sitting on a.

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