She lay back on the dining room table, her legs open wide. I trimmed the bushy cunt hair down as close to the tender flesh as I could. I put the trimm...d hair into a small bowl. I rubbed her clit for several seconds until she came once again. Darlene took the shaving cream, spreading a thin layer over the black stubble. "Shave my cunt dear son in law", she cooed as she moved her hands to hold her thighs apart.I used my thumb to hold her clit to the side as I shaved near the sweet little nub. . "She gave me an appraising glance and then said, "And you knew right away I was perfect for you?" I could see it from all the way from the other side of the room."Just then Christina walked up to us. "Oh good, you found each other. Maggie this is Rob; Rob meet Maggie O'neil."Maggie and I both broke out laughing and Chrissy gave us a confused look and said:"What? What did I say? Why are you laughing?"Still chuckling I said, "I forgive you Chrissy. I think this time you got it right." This time?". I took some oil and oiled my asshole properly. Then I started inserting my hand slowly inside santosh’s underwear and softly caught hold of his cock.Santosh was fast asleep which was evident from the fact that his cock was limp. I started softly fondling with it, thinking that as soon as it starts swelling, I would come to know that he had waken up. But there was no reaction. I mustered some more courage, and inched, close to him, holding his limp cock in my hand. I came so close to him that my. I don't mind admitting that I'm pretty awesome when it comes to sex.Knowing the law wasn't helping me with my situation though. Mom would fuck me over, I could feel it. She'd stick me with my dad for a husband, a bun in my oven, and nothing to do all day but get fat and watch the man drink himself to death. Life really sucks sometimes. But women are like that, especially moms, and if I'd been in her shoes? I'd have already done it probably. Then again, I never would have let my family get so.

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