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We were laying out behind the garage when I thought I heard a vehicle coming up the drive. I put a towel arond me to go see. It was Larry coming to do...some work. He said his plans got changed. I kidded him and said he just wanted to look at Marie’s tits again.I told him we were sunbathing behind the garage. I said we would go say hi to Marie and then go to work. He just stopped dead in his tracks, Marie was laying on her back with her legs spread apart, showing her shaved pussy. I told. “I've got breakfast ready, sit down and let's eat.”“Yes, ma'am,” I replied with a curtsy.She giggled.As we ate my mind again went over the events of last night, and she must have read my face.“Did you enjoy last night?” She asked.“Yes,” I replied as I felt my face flush.“All of it?”“Yes, ma'am.”She smiled.We ate and talked about the night, and plans to continue the activity. Throughout the entire time, Nancy never once used the term 'cuckolding.' If she had, I doubt that I would have objected.. What the fuck?"Bobbie hissed. "You saw this happen with me. You don't want..." You know what?" Kim raised her voice. "I'm tired of everyone else tellingme what's not good for me. Mom, you, Heather..." She dropped and stomped onher cigarette. "Fuckin' son of a bitch, I'm outta here," Kim stormed off,in the distance she told her phone to call Roxx. Bobbie stood theregobsmacked. She didn't get her bass, Bobbie noticed.If Kim had been scarce before, then she had been downright invisible. "Yes, Larry, Rhonda and I would be very interested in an evening of sharing mates with your guys. Let's do it," and he placed Rhonda's small soft hand in Larry's as he walked over to where Beth was sitting, and he brought her to her feet and took her in his arms. "Beth, let's get to know each other better," Sam said as he felt his cock nearly hard already."I'm more than ready if you are, Sam," Beth responded."Rhonda, I've been wanting you for some time, ever since Beth and I met you," Larry.

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