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You see ... Daddy and I were lovers, not just father and daughter. We had an incestuous relationship going on back several years. We tried to keep it ...n the downlow, of course, and then Fireball Day happened.“Suddenly, I was alone and I haven’t really been living ever since. I’ve just been existing and recovering from the heavy blow of losing my father, my lover, the man who has meant so much to me in my life. Now, of course, I have to start fresh and find a new life, a new love. So, yes, thank. My dad then entered my room and closed the door behind him. He then walked to me, sat down on my bed, and unbuttoned his pants. ‘I have one last birthday present for you’, he said as he threw his pants onto the floor. He then looked into my eyes and then down at his half hard cock. I knew what he wanted and he knew I wanted it to. I bent over, the dildo still in my ass and took the head of his dick into my mouth. I began to suck the whole thing when I felt his hand on the back of my head. When. “Firstly, drink the blue bottle the night before you want to have your experience. It will prepare your body for what lies ahead. The next day, locate the female you would like to share your experience with, and get her to drink the contents of the green bottle.”As she spoke you could not help feeling aroused by this exotic goddess of the night. Her firm abdomen, her perfectly supple breasts, her curvy thighs…“Listen Sparky, you want to be paying attention now” she said annoyed.“Lastly, the red. When we get to your car, you open the boot and help me load my stuff in, bending forward, letting me get a good glimpse of your tight ass and wet thong. I suddenly pull you up and turn you around, and take you to the bonnet of the car where I make you sit down, legs wide open around my body. you hike up your skirt and I rip off your dainty little piece of underwear. I kiss your neck, nibble on your ear, squeeze your tits, feeling your nipples trying to break free from your bra. then I throw.

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