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"I want you to get up and go around to each table and ask each man here if they would like to help you pay for lunch. Now go on, and I know most of th...se men. They are friends of mine. So you had best not embarrass me bitch."I had tears running down my cheeks again as I took a couple of shaky steps to the nearest table and asked the closest man if he would help me pay for my lunch. He reached out and slid his hand between my legs and after rubbing my slit for a moment he shoved a finger. Our tongues touched and moved around. I felt her tongue ring on my own tongue and I thought my legs would buckle. She sensed this, I suppose, because she pushed her body up against mine. One hand still trapping me with her arm against the door and the other hand holding my face, touching my hair. She moved her mouth to my ear and as she pulled my hair back, tilting my head even more and causing lightening to shoot down through my cunt, I heard her say, “I won’t let you fall.” She kissed. Let me say in hindi now ek din subha aunty kapre sukane chatt par aayi main vah betha tha kafi upset lag rahi thi mjhe dhke boli yaha kya kar rahe ho maine bola kuch ni aisi zara timpass fir hum baat karne lage bohot der tak hum baat kar rahe the unko bohot acha laga bohot hasya maine Fir hum donno apne ghar chale gaye fir kuch din baad aisi kabhi na kabhi milte upar aur apne bre me boli main uske boobs ko dhkta vo mjhe bohot bar dhki aise ek din hm donno phone chat kar rahe the ek dusre ke. Sex was interesting me now, since I started to have my periods, being more focused on my vaginal region was not only making me aware of its new function in my life, but as off two night ago, an awareness of sex and the potential pleasure it generates. I could feel the heat in my face, as I thought of my compulsive fingering, and I wondered if mother did the same as a girl, when she was f******n.'I need to go get some cream, you want a cock', she asked me, I laughed, 'Yes mom', I answered, 'a.

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