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He was so horny he wanted to beat off his meat with the thoughts of her mouth all over his cock. He decided he would save his cum for her later. He to...k a shower and again looked at himself in the mirror naked as he dried off. He thought he was too skinny and he didn't think his dick was big enough. He was hairless except for a few pubes, and he had downy blond pubic hair so it was barely visible. His dick was a bit small, and his balls hung loose underneath. Damn it! I still look like a little. As you and I are around the same age I’m hoping to get some, not stories, but your insights as to what is going on. I’m not going to ask you to betray anyone, just girly gossip, if you understand. What is your history with the hotel?”Relaxing Xena smiled “Yes I understand. I started working here at 14. Just when Mrs Romano came to town which then, was about every two months, Later it’s been 5 months since we have seen her. I am studying hotel management and Grandfather gets me to work here as. He walked out the way he came in. It’s a half mile back to the road,” she said.“Was there a time stamp?” I asked.“Yes 4:18AM,” she informed me. “I tried to follow him on the CCTV, but it didn’t cover the road.”“Think, I’ll have Bitsy check to see if there is a traffic cam near there. Maybe one of them caught a cab going by,” I suggested.“I can get the police traffic cams. I will get back to you later,” she promised.It was after midnight when she called next. “Don’t you ever sleep?” I asked. I felt the head go in first and that kinda hurt a little. He eased in a little more and then a little till he was completely in my ass. I couldn't believe it would fit being so long and thick but it did! Dad started pumping my ass harder and harder and I could feel him tensing up! The bed was really shaking and I knew that I was about to get filled up with daddy's cum!Finally, he exploded inside of me and I thought he was going to have a heart attack or something. He pulled out of my butt and.

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