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They move in together. They pursue their careers in Quidditch and Law Enforcement. They live happily and in love for three years...until now...Ginny's...backstory will be explained in-story.The three types of sexual revenge are all acted on Hermione, all rather despicable acts. One will be a straight forward rape, with violence and abuse. Another will be cuckoldry, with Hermione sucked in with a lust potion. The final act involves blackmail, with Ginny providing photo evidence of Cho cheating on. This past Friday was a good example.I had scurried from my primary job which I hated with a passion to my new assignment as the “fitting room girl” and found the place buzzing with excitement due to the holiday sale that discounted the contents of the entire store to a level that attracted new customers from far and wide.With twenty-four fitting rooms and only one other girl to help me, I was literally run ragged moving from one tiny space to the other to assist customers. It had gotten to a. The first thing I had to do was satisfy her orally. I enjoyed licking her pussy, finding her hole and her clit, and then giving her an orgasm. Then she told me that we were doing it Missionary Style. She was flat on her back so I climbed on her and stuck my cock in her Dragon. I didn’t last any longer than I had the first time a month before. Puff said that it was okay because she wanted to see just how many times I could do it.We then went into Mom’s bedroom where Puff knelt on her bed and had. His eyes travelled down to her black pencil skirt, now halfway up her thighs, encased in suspenders and stockings long legs lead to black stilettosSmiling, she reached up and pulled out her ponytail, her long dark brown hair falling over her shoulders, shrugging her blouse off her shoulders she took his hands and led him to the bedroom, as she got to her bed she turned and wiggled out of her skirt letting it drop to the floor, leaning back against the wall her coy smile was all the confirmation.

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