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You have found a wonderful moss-covered rock that is flat and at an angle about waist high…perfect. You lay me down on the moss, peel away the dress... fold by fold, starting at my calves. You massage my legs, working your way up, stopping at the honey pot, finding the magic switch, nibbling and sucking while your fingers play inside…it isn’t long before I am in ecstasy on that moss-covered rock. Your hand move upward, finding my erect, impatient nipples, I open my eyes to find your lovely hard. You lean into my shoulder and nuzzle your face into my neck. My hands enveloping you as we slowly kiss, savoring each other’s lips as we gently devour each other in our kisses. As the foot traffic tapers off, we continue to enjoy the evening’s vista. I start to rub my hands down your thighs, firmly groping your body as I feel for every inch of you, trembling. You arch your head back to lock eyes with me and place your hands on mine, guiding me to press in deeper, massaging out your legs and. We tried to take in some of the nightlife, but we just didn’t have the energy so it was early to bed and early to rise. Still the show was a great experience and I was enjoying myself. The last day as the show was about to close and the booths were starting to be broken down, an older man, ok he was only about 40 but that seemed old to me at the time, introduced himself to me. I was a sweaty mess and could only think about getting back to the hotel for a shower. He said his name was Bill. " she ordered.I did so gratefully, despite my big orgasm earlier, my cock was rigid and stiff from Rachel playing with my balls. The stiffness in a man's penis, the tension heexperiences at the root in his groin is the most fantastic feeling a male can have, especially when a female is the cause of it happening. I quickly feltthe basic urge to offload my sperm."Yes," Rachel encouraged, "yes, go on, spurt now. Quick as you can."I did so and felt my balls jerk and jump in her firm grip as I did.

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