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'Seth quickly texted Joseph again. Coming over again, make sure your wife is ready. He suspected that the man would ask why again but the only text he...recieved as response was a bland okay.When they arrived there, Seth noticed that Clara was wearing the same dress as last night again. instead of dinner, the men went to the couch directly and after getting something to drink, all eyes were on Clara. She had not improved as she stumbled out of her dress. Next was her bra, that she took more time. " She saidJustin just stood there not saying anything and he seemed to avoid her eye contact. Then just gave a smile and shrugged his shoulders. Karen felt a screaming desire to huge him and even more so fuck him. Damn he was so sexy! Karen decided she was going to push the situation a little further."Well I think that you maybe find me attractive too! At least you seem to like checking me out when I'm not looking." She chuckledJustin's head snapped up and he looked her straight in the eyes as. I pushed my feet onto tiptoes and bounced my legs up and down as I sat in the chair, this allowed the gown to fall fully open around my lower body and allowed me to bounce and move my legs around opening and closing them as if I was bobbing along to a song or music. I made sure I was looking away from Charles to make him think he could look without me knowing he was looking. I could see him out the corner of my eye keep looking at my aunt then as she looked upwards as she was trying to work out. You are now an expense in a movie budget." Well thank you! ... and how exciting." I said with a smile.She looked at her Apple Watch and then leaned in "I still have a little over two hours, would you like to come up to my room?" she asked in a low voice.There is no way I was going to reject that offer. She lead me to the elevator, down the hall, and let me into her room.She closed the door behind us and immediately turned to me. "Are you sure your wife doesn't mind?" she questioned.I.

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