Use the Carriers to launch a massed strike to engage the prey and keep them occupied!’‘At once!’‘Prey vessels emerging to our rear. our retrea... is blocked!’ The controlling intelligence of the rear-guard reported.‘Move our attack vessels to counter them. Launch the strike at those who would pursue. Order the Paranc carriers to follow in on the strike, also our boarding blisters are to attempt to cause confusion amongst the prey!’‘So ordered.’“Aliens are launching their missile strike,” the. Spread your legs and open your pussy lips for me.” Your hand reaches out to caress my naked ass and exposed pussy. You pull me back up and turn me around. I can feel the edge of the bed against the back of my knees as you gently lower me to sit. “Scoot over to the center of the bed please.” I do as you ask and lay down. “Now, I want to you raise your arms above your head.” As soon as I reach up I feel silken bonds trap my wrists and bind them together to the headboard. . She kept squirming in her saddle, trying to relieve the pressure.The village of Vrex appeared ahead, built on a small rise that the highway wrapped around. It was a collection of thatched roofs and whitewashed walls. The only slate roof was the Generous Courtesan, the inn that dominated the center of town. It was a well-kept inn, catering to the traveling merchants and nobility that passed through Vrex to and from the capital.“Thank Saphique's hymen,” Sophia muttered as we left the road onto. Without him noticing I reached slowly around my back and just watching his expressions, I undid my fastener holding my skirt, the zip fastener slid down without any help, I knew now if I stood up it would fall down, my stool was right by the breakfast table, with my back I leaned against it, hoping my skirt would pull up to reveal my shaven pussy to him but not realizing just how far it did pull up, I pretended at first that I did not notice, then as I looked around and supposedly noticed that.

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