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... what now?” Said Shazia shocked but also feeling she needed to obliged “Yes we are on a plane aren’t we?” he asked sarcastically “Yes, ha...ha, I mean thank you for offering me... erm yes!” she said“OK, well I will go to the toilet now, I will flash the toilet light 3 times by unlocking and locking the door that is your signal to come ok?” he said getting up“OK!” she said all nervous but excited and now craving the feeling of some cock againShe waited for the light and ran to the toilet. The. Using my two index fingers, I scooped underneath her panties and pinched them together. I transferred them to my left hand and pulled them away from her slit. The sight that greeted me was one that I had dreamt and fantasized about for the past two years. Savannah’s pussy was glistening with her pre-cum and the folds of her lips appeared tight and still unused. I took a deep breath and inhaled all of her scent. It was the sweetest scent my nose had ever picked up on. It was exhilarating, and. " Jamie, we should talk. You know, I have been completely disappointed inour sex life.And tonight, after a few drinks, I decided to let myself go and have somefun by dancing with any guy who wanted me. But then, when I danced withMarcus and I felt his large, hard penis, I was mesmerized! I realizedtonight just how much I have been missing. You have no idea how hard andbig his penis is. He kept rotating my body around and over it. Iabsolutely loved it! I almost came right on the dance floor. I. Walker."You think so? And please, call me Claire." Yes, of course," said Shanti, setting the brush aside and beginning to lightly massage Claire's shoulders. Claire sighed deeply, at ease with this beautiful young woman who seemed to understand her as few others in her life had. She loosened the sash to her robe and slipped it off her shoulders so Shanti's hands could rub away the tension."We need distractions to keep life from becoming monotonous. A little variety can put some excitement back.

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