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She cried out, not caring who heard her and fell to her knees. Leila remained there on the ground of his balcony, spent from the incredible orgasm she...had just experienced, but not knowing that the businessman wasn’t done with her. His fingers had slowed during her climax but now they regained their movement with an intensity that wasn’t there before. He pulled Leila up onto her knees and reached one hand around to stimulate her clit while his other hand continued pumping into her pussy. “Oh my. Melissa and Beth Ann laughed at the reference. “I’m Melissa. This is Beth Ann.” She responded.“Feel free to watch, or whatever.” Said Allen. “You won’t bother us. In fact, the more the merrier.”Ron slid back over and placed his lips over the long hard cock again. With one hand he lightly slid a circle of fingers up and down the clean-shaved shaft, and with the other hand gently fingered Allen’s balls. Allen placed his fingers in Ron’s hair and gently played with the strands.Melissa watched as. Without even thinking I leant forward and pulled his foreskin back and with a stroke of my tongue I licked that pearl away, feeling it smooth on my tongue and tasting slightly salty. Joan’s voice behind me said ‘go on, take it all in’ and I looked round to see she had been watching me wanking her husband and obviously appreciated the situation as she had her hand between her legs and was gently stroking herself and playing with her clit. Bill was there too alternately watching me wanking. But through the door she fancied she saw the luminous eye of the count--that eye which lived in her memory, and the recollection overwhelmed her with so much shame that she asked herself whether any amount of gratitude could ever repay his adventurous and devoted friendship.Twenty minutes, twenty tedious minutes, passed thus, then ten more, and at last the clock struck the half-hour. Just then the sound of finger-nails slightly grating against the door of the library informed Valentine that the.

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