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”“If we had blueprints for these hunks of junk, then it would have been no problem getting everything done on time. We’d have had all of the par...s built before you stole the trucks.”“That’s not my fault.”“Nobody is blaming anybody. For a Hammer, this is normal. You never know what you’re getting into until you get into it.”“I’ve still got to learn how to drive that beast from here.”“Turn the wheel a half clockwise!”Hammer Veda turned the steering wheel as requested.“Did you do it?”“Yes!”“Damn!. I started begging her to helpor I will fail in my project. She was happy laughing and enjoying. The she toldme one that “You need to join me for my shopping today in the evening asmy driver then I may think to help you” I was taken back by these words, butany how I need the help so Iagreed and went to her place with her. Seeing her house I understood she was a spoiledgirl of a rich father and still not married at the age of 26. She had figsimilar to that of Rimi Sen with litle sexta pounds on. She smiled because of shyness and told me to stop right there because of mil. I just kept my lips to her reach she was just staring at me. She didn’t kiss me back. I started walking back to my room. She suddenly got hold at me and started kissing me back.Then after dinner Rama and my grandma ended up in same bed and I have to sleep in another room. After 2 hours or so I just gone mad and knocked their room lightly after some 3 or 4 knocks. Door was opened to my surprise Rama was standing with. That’s ... forgive me ... part of the lure. Part of the attraction. You feel it. I feel it. It’s that hot, taboo feeling of breaking the rules, letting your hair down, and going at it. I would be so disfellowshipped if the local elders even thought that vampires were real right now. Not exactly something that the Watchtower teaches can even exist.“And yet ... here you are. A bit perplexing, you know. The Watchtower frowns on such ‘occult’ matters, but it also frowns on blood exchanges and.

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