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“Over the fence?” asked Nikki.“Oh shit, no!” cried Lauren in desperation as their plan fell to pieces. The dogs slowly advanced as though unde... orders as the girls froze. Lauren looked at the fence and saw to her dismay the barbed wire along the top and the ditch between her and the fence. She swiveled round to see figures approaching from the house. She looked back at the snarling dogs as they jerked at their chains, pulling their handlers with them. She heard the crackle of a radio.“Got. Sweet, yet tangy. Her pussy engorged as I slithered my tongue in increasingly smaller circles around her clitoris. As I reached her clitoris, I gave it a little suck, drawing a low groan from Professor X. My hands glided over body, massaging and teasing. Her tits were scorching hot. As I caressed her tits, Professor X was busy stroking my hair and driving my head closer to pussy. I slid two of my fingers into her pussy and fiddled with it. The combination of my fingers and my tongue were too. Until then he was the only one to take decision on matters that concern his father's business.Martin began to enjoy so much the power that had suddenly felt on his shoulders, that he came to fear the day when his sister was going to demand to have her say on the administration of the company. As the months went by and he saw his sister's eighteen birthdays approaching, it became an obsession with him. Why should he share with his sister, what was rightly his? He had work very hard for many. Swimming every day, the ex-Hockey player turned sportscaster had salt & pepper hair and he was a sharp dresser. Even casual, his clothes reflected good taste and he had a rugged look that Cherie had to admit, she found very appealing. Kristina Swan, once Kristina Jarvis, was 10 years her husband’s junior. A former model, she was as beautiful as her husband was handsome. A natural blonde with a tanned & toned body, she had tits you would swear were a surgeon’s handiwork — but weren’t. Her hair.

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