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(In Show Biz, that paragraph would be referred to as the "hook." You see, I have a very personal, very selfish reason for you to read this. It was my ...reat fear that when you realized who had written this letter, and as a result of your great animosity toward me, you would simply discard it unread. I fear I am beyond your trust, but I must have your attention in this matter. It could be one of life and death... namely mine.)If I am to do this properly, I'm afraid I must bare my soul to you. Not. I feel warm spurts on my bum, lots of them; you’re cumming over my ass, you’re using me to the full, ohhh, god... I must have passed out! I come to and my hands are free, the hood still on but the knickers removed from my mouth. I drag the hood off and try to stand. I can’t move my legs. They are still taped to the stool. It takes me ages to free myself. You are gone, and all is silent. You hadn’t said a word. My head was spinning, that was so very much more than I ever thought it would be.. Michelle.“Okay, then, son. It’s nice to meet you at last, but you’re a man now. You have a man’s duties, and you need to pick up your cousins. Give your mother and auntie a hug from me, okay?” I told him, making him nod and fight back tears to avoid seeming like a crybaby in front of the other recruits.“I will, Dad. I gotta run, but it was great to see you in person! I love you, Dad,” my son told me as he rejoined his mother.“I love you, too ... son,” I choked back tears myself as I led my. Even when we first brought her to the kennel and gave her to the dogs she didn't so much as threaten to tell her parents.She was like a chameleon adapting to a new environment. Where she'd once appeared to be a snobbish and self-assured bitch she now took on the colors of a terrified, willing slut. She needed me to protect her and help get her through the last marking period at Hayes so she became like me. She became what I wanted her to be. The truth is that I didn't even have to try very hard.

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