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"Yes. I believe I do." I rucked my hips, smearing your juices all over the front of my pants. The room reeked of sex. I slowly walked over to the cou...ter, setting you down. You reached for my fly while I slid my hand up your skirt. Cupping your mons, my fingers combed through your bush as they homed in on your clit."Mmmmm!" you hummed as your lips enveloped my head. I slid a finger inside your tightness, then two, stretching you open. You opened your legs, an encouraging sign, while taking me. I again started stroking her clitoris, making her hot and wet again. She also responded by taking my dick in her hand and started massaging it passionately making it hotter and harder. She said, I can’t resist you anymore, I then spread opened her legs wide and started to rub my penis over her pussy, she grabbed it and said please don’t push so hard I am still virgin and I heard that first time it will pain a little. Then I told her, don’t worry it is my first time also. I will take care all of. Normally thiswould involve enlarging the cavity in his groin through which his ballshad originally descended all those years ago, so that he could push themback inside. Professional female impersonators can push theirs inside asa matter of course but without a lot of practice it can be very painfulas Judy had once demonstrated to him. Now that his pelvis had beenwidened he found he could hide his balls easily and painlessly.But Judy and Sheila were seeking perfection. The flesh below his. By this stage john was so fucking hard so i pulled his boxers down and threw them away and there i was face to cock with this amazing older man.i was right he was big esally 9 long inches. i looked up at him as i placed my mouth around his cock and i could see pure pleasure like this is something he had been waiting for. and i was more then happy to full fill his dream. i sucked like a machine, fast then slow, mixing it up playing with his balls and even licking his hole. his tasty hole..

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