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You don’t know how many fantasies I’ve had about you. How many nights I’ve jerked off thinking of you?”I moved towards her. “Please Aunt Sus..., it will be only between us. Please, please let me fuck you. I’ll pleasure you like you’ve never been before. Please…”I was right in front of her and could easily kiss her by leaning forward. I slowly started leaning towards her in order to kiss her. She too moved closer and kissed me on the lips. It was a short kiss and as I withdrew, I saw that hunger. Saru had lifted his loin cloth and was hungrily sucking his 8th inch black cock. Hungry means, she was gurgling. After a while, she stopped, turned around and lifted her housecoat. I saw her substantial buttocks. He plunged his cock into her and roughshod her. She whimpered but the pleasured expression on her face was amazing.He spurted his seed into her, it was dripping out. I saw her cup her left hand to catch the dribble, rub her fingers in it and suck it up. (she had had a hysterectomy so. The stranger watched her face, she could feel his eyes on her, almost undressing her. She felt him step behind her, felt his hands on her ample hips and pulling her into him. They were well matched in height, and she could feel his erection pushing into her ass. His right hand slid around her front and cupped her pussy. She was hot, and wet, and she felt him inching her skirt up so he could touch her without the skirt in the way. She grew even hotter when his finger slipped between her pussy. Stunned I didn’tanswer Marlon for a minute. He smiled and told me howhe knew through his conversation with Marie about mehaving a vasectomy, so she wasn’t on the pill, ourbeing alone for two weeks here. He figured that Mariewould work her vacation to coincide with her notmenstruating. That meant her fertile period would fallsometime this next week or so and he intended to takeadvantage. My mind raced with what to do; there was nothing Icould think of. As Marlon toweled dry Marie.

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