“Where’s the rest of it?” I asked, as the last time the device had taken up most of two laboratories and a huge amount of power.“This is it,�... chuckled Artello. “Told you we could cut it down to size once we’d worked out the parameters.”“Wow, I never imagined it this cut down though,” I replied with a grin.“Well, it doesn’t need a great deal of power and much of what you saw before was for the test instrumentation,” he admitted.“Still, it’s impressive,” I said. “Shall we give it a try?”Artello. Ma’am then replied, “good, then get lost from here and let me deal with this cocky son of a bitch!”. She let go of Varsha’s hair and Varsha ran to pick all of her clothes and she ran away. Now it was only me and Sunayana ma’am in the room, I was naked, with dick still erect and she was standing there, staring at my body. Ma’am finally said, “all you army people love to do is use your dicks and not think about the consequences”. I replied, “I do first, think later”. She replies, “good then, do. ? My left hand was no long on her back but had moved lower and one of her hands were on my chest as the other looped under my arm and over my shoulder to pull me closer. I have no idea if that embrace lasted seconds or hours. Only that all reality ceased from that moment.When that connection finally did break, Sarah bowed her head to her chest and rested her forehead on my chest. I was so scared that she was about to say “No,” that every thought in my mind screamed, “Don’t stop!!! Take. Manya didn’t feel the need to cover herself before Sam of all the people. The two of them chatted as if they were sitting over a dining table. Sam knelt next to the sexy woman, his elbow on her thigh as they browsed through the pictures. Manya felt slightly embarrassed and excited on seeing her pussy close ups. There was no way anybody could guess it was her pussy. Sam had made her pink cunt look like the world’s greatest treasure cove. She admired his ability more than the magnificence of her.

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